11th May 2022

11th May 2022

The Charlie Ward Show Update 11th May 2022

Masterplan Of Evil


Good day Patriot,


Part One, Eliminate Access to Drinking Water Supplies.


Amid the West’s climate change fuelled mega drought, Lake Mead, the largest manmade reservoir in the country has fallen to an unprecedented low. A valve that has been in service since 1971 can no longer draw water, according to the Southern Nevada Water Authority, responsible for managing water resources for 2.2 million people in Southern Nevada, including Las Vegas.


Photos taken recently show the eldest of the agency’s three intake valves high and dry above the water line. “When the lake hit 1060 (feet above sea level), that’s when you could start to see the top of the intake number one,” said Bronson Mack, public outreach officer for the Southern Nevada Water Authority.  Lake Mead hit 1,060 feet above sea level on April 4 and now stands at approximately 1055 feet.

A valve situated deeper at the bottom of Lake Mead is currently being used for the first time.


The Colorado River fills Lake Mead and Lake Powell, another critical reservoir in the West. This river system supports more than 40 million people living across seven Western States and Mexico. Both reservoirs provide drinking water and irrigation for many communities across the region, including rural farms, ranches and native communities. The federal government declared a water shortage on the Colorado River for the first-time last summer. The west is suffering its worst drought in 1,200 years.


When the Lord speaks to us, we listen, and it is our duty to let the people know what is being said. It is to preserve life and continue our right to exist in peace and prosperity.

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